Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Forecast: Snow, with a chance of well, snow!

Argh!  What do you do when you are supposed to swim, bike and run when there is 18+ inches of snow on the ground?  SNOW SHOE!  I came home to Seattle for a nice break to relax and recharge before getting back to Nashville to hit it hard for the next six months of training.  The weather was frightful and it snowed 5 of the 8 days I was home.  I didn't want to turn into a lard ass, so Meghan and I decided to partake in our annual winter wonderland tradition...snow shoeing.  

It was a beautiful day...yes, it was overcast, cold and snowy, but any day you can get out and be in the mountains with your best friend is a truly beautiful day!  

Meghan and I logged approx 6 miles and 3,000 feet of elevation.  She and I love getting out in the woods and getting dirty...we always have the best time, even if we are a little hungover from being over served! 

Check out my sweet snow shoes...yay!

Meghan and me getting ready to start our trek up the mountain.

"Running" in the snow...we did more trekking than running.

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