Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Sunday Swim Day!

Sunday used to be a day of relaxation, no showers, leisurely brunches and maybe some afternoon beverages....that is no longer the case.  Now Sunday is Swim day with Excel!  We had our first practice of the new year last week and everyone had to come to re-register with the group.  There were over 80 people at practice with only 4 lanes assigned to Excel swimmers...needless to say, it was chaos!  It's hard to stop and catch your breath, wipe the snot out of your nose or try not to choke on the water when there is a line of 10 people behind you!  No Pressure!

Today marks the end of the first official week of training.  So far there hasn't been anything too different or challenging compared to normal.  The next two months will be building my base training with a big focus on strength training, swimming and biking.  Oh yeah, and I have to run too...basically, focus on everything with the exception of sleeping.  4:30 wake up calls will become the norm, so if you are reading this be sure not to call me after 9:00pm! ;)  

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