Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hey Baby, Lookin' for a Ride?

After the gorge session on Saturday morning at Fido, my friend Kevin and I went shopping for bikes.  "A new bike?" ask.  "I thought you had a bike, a fairly new one in fact" exclaim.  Ah, yes, I do have a bike, my Orbea (or Orby as I call her)...alas Orby is a road bike and I am now in the market for a tri bike.  The geometry of a tri bike keeps you in a more aerodynamic position and keeps your legs in a position that utilizes the quads more than the hamstrings, thus helping to keep your legs fresh for the run.  The word "fresh" is to be taken can your legs feel the least bit fresh after a 112 mile bike and ready to rock a marathon?  I guess we'll have to wait and see.  

Kevin and I went to the local tri store, ACME Multisport, and tried (no pun intended) a few bikes out...we were both tired from our morning workouts and felt completely lame when we got tired testing out the bikes on the trainer for a total of five minutes!  The bike pictured below is a nice little Cervelo that I really liked.  I have a few more stores I am going to check out before making any decisions...but I have a feeling Velly (that will be her name) will soon be finding a spot in my living room where a couch should be.  Of course the bikes I tried that felt right were the 2009 models that were not on sale...naturally.  

This is Bill lowering my seat to accommodate my short, not so long 'n lean, legs!  I was too afraid to take the bike for a spin outside...for fear I would fall over since my legs were so tired.  "You break, you buy!"

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