Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Stomach Just Dropped!

I was checking out the CDA IM's website and decided to look at the photos from last years race...gulp!  These are the pictures from the start of the race, look at all those people...I am surely going to be kicked in the head (now I'll never be a teen model!).  My stomach literally dropped when I saw these.  Now, I have done some open water swims before, but NOTHING like this.  Didn't help that on a hike with my friend today he mentioned that he thought someone died in the swim last year...awesome.  

And they're off!  
The swim course is actually two loops, so you swim 1.2 miles and get out on the shore run over the timing mat and then swim 1.2 again.  I think that will be a nice advantage so you can rest a bit, take a Gu and some water and go again...much better than 2.4 completely non-stop.


  1. holy crap! i would be so terrified of getting kicked in the eye.

  2. ok screw the eye thing. the water is the least of your trouble. i had not idea you were riding over a hunderd miles. i figured it was like 50 or 60. damn.