Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Woe is Wednesday

I know no one in this picture, but this is a shot of what Wednesday morning looks like!

Wednesdays always prove to be somewhat of a challenging day. I have Todd's indoor computrainer bike class in the morning from 5:30-7:00 (yet another pre 5:00am wake up call, ugh!) and then swim practice that night from 6:15-8:00, double ugh. Come Thursday I am pooped, tired, wiped, done, sleepy, finished...but still have to get up for a run or some other type of exercise, triple ugh! (whatever, you know I love it!)

Todd's class, although extremely early, is extremely fun. Below is a picture of the screen that he projects up on the wall. You are assigned a position (1-8) and a corresponding color. Your little biker guy is shown moving across the course (the course is the brown/blue on top, showing the hills) and you can see what position you are in compared to the other riders in the class. Todd has specific things we focus on during our 6 week training sessions, like strength, aerobic capacity, cadence, etc. but no matter how hard you try to focus on your personal level you always want to try and race everyone else in the you are completely drained come 7am!

There are a lot of other nuggets of information on the screen that you can focus on as well (which makes the time go by a lot faster)...such as MPH, distance traveled, heart rate, watts generated, cadence (pedal speed), etc. You have certain zones based on your "test" you do at the begining of the session (test = ride as hard/fast as you can for 7.25 miles = death). So you are constantly trying to keep your cadence at a specific number, while maintaining a certain level of power output (watts) and still trying to kick your neighbors butt...b/c you don't want to be the last little square biker guy to finish! Fun stuff!!...are you confused?, welcome to my world!

Todd will be on my speed dial for the next 6 months to keep me challenged and motivated to ride my bike (my weakest and least desireable of the three sports). Why does the longest (yes, 112 miles) of the three have to be my least favorite?, oh why?

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