Friday, January 23, 2009

Enjoy Feb...March gets Ugly!!!!

That's right, "ugly" with four exclamation points!  This is how Richard/Triswami/Coach, signed off on his email to me last night.  I received my February training plan yesterday and that's how he ended his email.  Ugly, hmmm...what does that mean?  Unattractive, not pretty, appalling, uninviting?  I am picturing the calendar with February having little rainbows and unicorns flying fun, weee!  Then, flip the page and devils and fire and Triswami laughing maniacally.

I also had my first night of having to "just say no" to my friends and the allure of Friday happy hour.  I resisted the urge and ran the 6 miles that was on my training calendar...all after staying at work until 5:30 on a Friday...put that on my review!! 

So, I had a happy hour of my own...a beer and some blogging...oh no, I'm a HUGE LOSER! ;)


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  1. good for you for resisting the urge to come out and play tonight! we missed you, but there is always saturday am at fido!