Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to Fido we go!

The reason I love my Saturday morning workouts is not so much because of the workout but for the brunch that follows after!  My friends and I will convene at one of our favorite restaurants, Fido, after a long run, ride, swim or sleeping in.  We sometimes all do different activities but we synchronize our swatches and meet to enjoy some good food and great laughs!  

Today, after a 2.5 hours indoor bike class with Todd I was starving, so I went with my go-to big girls breakfast...the steak scramble.  Delish, huh?  It's a great little mixture for the athlete in all of us.  Egg whites for great protein without the fat and cholesterol.  Steak for iron to get your red blood cells pumping and carrying your much needed oxygen.  Spinach (see Popeye the Sailor Man!) for iron and muscle repair.  Potatoes to replenish your carbohydrates stores.  Salt it all up since you sweat HARD for 2.5 hours.  Lastly, bread...cause it's good for the soul!  Top it all off with a latte so you can stay awake for the rest of the day and voila...PERFECTION on a plate!

Okay, so it may be a little over indulgent but I don't have to eat until dinner after eating this.  Dinner typically comes at 6:00 when we all meet up again for a few adult beverages at our other go-to, 12 South Tap's to Saturday!

Hello lover!

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