Sunday, January 11, 2009

Need a Little Motivation?

Check out this little YouTube clip of the Kona Ironman. 

 I have watched this 1:12 video at least 20 times now.  If you have never watched the TV coverage of the Kona Ironman you have been missing out.  Regardless of your level of fitness you will be mesmerized by the event.  This is the best of the best in the world of endurance sports.  When I first watched the coverage my roommate at the time walked in and saw me sitting on the couch bawling my eyes out.  What the f@#*?...she exclaimed to me.  She didn't quite understand why I would cry watching people swim, bike and run.  She quickly learned about my obsession with exercise and healthy living (I took a small hiatus when I first moved to Nashville and moved in with her so she didn't quite know what she was in for) and quickly caught on to understanding my obsession, the lingo and became a huge cheerleader, making sure to always wish me luck, ask about my races, etc.  A few years later she again saw me on the couch watching the coverage of Kona, this time she was ready to sit down and watch.  At the end of the hour we both looked at each other with tears in our eyes, in awe of the athletes and the coverage of the special interest athletes, whom against all forces against them, complete an Ironman.  She knew then that I had the Ironman in my sight and it was only a matter of time before I decided to take the plunge!

I know I will watch this clip 20 more times, if not 1,000.  When I am having a bad day, waking up and walking into swim practice like a zombie, or when I fear I will fall off my bike with exhaustion, I will come back to videos like this and recharge my motivation to complete my goal of becoming an Iron(wo)man.  If this doesn't motivate you to get off the couch and at least walk the dog around the block, then I don't know what will!  You don't have to "go big," you just have to go!

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