Friday, January 30, 2009

Five Days of Work...

...One whole day to play, come on every body wear your roller skates today...Saturday it's Saturday, Satuday it's Saturday, Saturday it's Satur-daay--ayyy...! You know I live my life as a soundtrack and this is my song du jour! refer to minute 1:35 of the De La Soul song.

Ok, so it's Friday...but tomorrow's Saturday and I have miraculously molded my calendar to make Saturday my complete rest day. This was an easy feat since this was my "rest focus" week. Every week of my training in the month is dedicated to one of the four (some say there are five... #5 being "transitions"...more to come on those) disciplines of triathlon. Rest is key to improving your have to rest in order for your muscles to repair and build stronger. Janurary's week #4 had rest as the discipline of focus.

So, I get to sleep in tomorrow, lounge around and spend the day checking off all my "to do's" (maybe some people will finally get their birthday gifts purchased! know who you are!). My house may ("may" being the operative word) get cleaned and my laundry folded (living alone affords you the luxury of picking your clothes out of the dryer without having to fold and put them is so proud at the moment!). As my friend Pete would say, I get to bulldog around all day. He often refers to me as a bulldog because they will go-go-go and then crash for a nice long snooze. Since I love to push myself and love my sleep, I always have to laugh and agree. The hilarious part is, the famous bulldog that rides the's name it Tillman...oh the irony! So after a week of go-go-going I am going to crash and have a nice long snooze and day of rest!...a good bulldog day!

"Go Tillman, Go!!!" the little guy has a good nap after all that skatin'

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