Thursday, May 28, 2009


I had lunch with my friend Lisa yesterday and she exclaimed to me "damn, you are like a freakin' garbage disposal"...yes, anything and everything that resembles food is going directly into my mouth. All the years of hard work my mom put in teaching me manners, etiquette, non-slob-like living have been completely erased in the last few weeks. I can power through a burrito in 30 seconds before someone else even digs into the foil to unwrap theirs...and I will inevitably ask if they are going to finish theirs..."are you, chomp chomp chomp, gonna, chomp, eat that?" It's become a tricky balance of eating, drinking, working out and's a constant battle to stay fueled and hydrated.

I also felt like complete garbage on Tuesday/Wednesday this week. The weekend's activities had caught up to me and I crashed, hard. I came home from work on Tuesday and just couldn't do it, couldn't go for a bike ride, couldn't squeeze in a hurt my eyes to stay open to swing by the dry cleaner to dump a load of clothes. I crawled in bed at 6:00 and slept for an hour, only to wake up to slam some dinner in preparation for my long run the next morning and then back to bed. My alarm went off at 5:00am and there looming before me was a 16 mile run...oh sweet baby J, how am I going to do this...well, I'm not. Checked the weather and it looked like Thursday would be just as pleasant, so Thursday it would be...back to bed for another 2.5 hours! Yes, over 10 hours of sleep that night...and still sloth like the next day. Luckily a mini trainer ride and swim practice Wednesday night did the trick and I was re-energized and ready to go again! Rocked my run this morning and am ready for this weekend...

What's happening this weekend? ask. We are doing another Dave Scott brick workout and it will go a little somethin' like this...20 mile ride/2 mile run, 20 mile ride/3 mile run, 20 mile ride/4 mile run, 20 mile ride/6 mile run...yep, 80 miles of ridin' and 15 miles of runnin'...then lots o' beer drinkin'...well, not really, Sunday calls for an OWS (open water swim, get down with the lingo will ya?) and a 3 hour ride...whew. Just waiting for the flip of the calendar into June where I will be able to see my sweet, sweet taper calling my name...where I'm sure I will feel like I could lift a garbage truck over my head with all my stored up energy!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Kickin' It

Sittin' back and relaxin' on Memorial that Monday is my day off from training, makes for a nice three day weekend when you have work and training off.  

I felt strong this weekend with my workouts, but my body was very ready for this day off.  After the CRAM on Saturday, I ran 10 miles and did a T60 on Sunday.  I was a little sloth like on Sunday morning so my run didn't start until the time I was finished I had to head directly to swim practice...not solid planning on my part in terms of no rest in between workouts, but I guess it's going to be that way come race day, so good practice I figure.  

Ashley, my swim coach, had a lane set up for those swimmers who are close to their IM races.  This lane was the T60 lane (all others were doing the usual T30) we were to swim for an hour straight, no rest.  This was a great test in mental endurance as well as about boring!  I went out at a slow conservative pace and really felt I could have gone all day long.  I picked it up towards the end and knocked some time off my last 500 or so.  I was happy that I wasn't dog tired at the finish because now I know what I need to do on race day in order to stay fresh for the other thousands of hours of activity I will be doing.  I completed an even 3,000 in the hour (double my T30 distance, so I stayed consistent) and felt I could have gone faster...good place to be!  However, I also got smacked in the face by a foot...a dude in my lane and I came to the wall at the same time and he did a flip turn, which I was not anticipating, and his foot went square into my eye.  He knocked my goggles off and I said to myself "oh no he didn't!" so I took off after him and put a nice gap in between us in the last 600 meters or so...take that!  I'll show you for kickin' it!

I also found these pictures from the Vancouver Marathon I ran back in 2004.  This is EXACTLY what I anticipate the scene looking like after CDA.  Me straight chillin' with mom and dad hard at work rubbing my feet!  "uh, a little more to the left, no more, nope too far, there, yes, perfect!"
See, they enjoy this, I swear...look at those beaming smiles! ;)
Everyone who walked by was so jealous and throwing money at my parents to have them rub their feet.  We were literally hopping in the car and driving directly back to Seattle so we couldn't do this in the privacy of our hotel room...we are such exhibitionists! 

Sunday, May 24, 2009


The CRAM, short for the Clarksville Rotary Annual Metric...also could be known for cramming it all in, cramming food in my face and cramming my head to the pillow.  My friends and I did the CRAM yesterday in Clarksville, a ride that offers 20, 35, 62 and 100 mile options.  Can you guess which one I did?  Heck yes, the 100 miler.  After a disastrous ride on Thursday with Coach (see having to walk my bike up a hill, hyperventilating, almost puking and averaging 15.6 mph...yeah, DISASTER..."now boarding, one way trip to Bonk Town") I was a little nervous going into a century only two days later.  I came to find out I was terribly dehydrated (see 7 liters of fluid and only one trip to the bathroom...yikes!) so I took two days to really load up on fluid, solid nutrition and focus.  Not that I haven't done so for the last 6 months, but I really need to focus on being smart and making healthy's officially game time.  

The plan was for Coach, Ben, Sarah, Andy and me to ride together and average a solid 20mph for the full 100 miles.  Gulp!  20mph?!  Are you kidding me?  Luckily it was a nice flat course and we all took turns drafting and pulling, making for a really fun ride.  Riding in a big group really makes the time pass quickly and definitely makes for some good laughs.  We rode strong the whole way and came in under 5 hours with a 20.7mph avg...yee haw!  I even felt strong enough at the end to pull in Coach and Andy for the last few miles.  I hung with the boys again (granted, they could still go way faster and kick my butt any day of the week) and it was a big confidence booster after my major meltdown on Thursday.  Coach even exclaimed during the ride "you are going to kick ass in Coeur d'Alene"...whether he meant it or not (maybe he was just trying to get me to pick up the pace right then!) it was a huge motivator and really helped to solidify the fact that I just know that I am ready for this, know that I can complete it and know I can do it with strength and confidence!  

Even more crazy sightings on this ride...yes, there was the obligatory dead deer/cow/possum/bird on the side of the road (100 miles is a long way, with lots of opportunity to see dead sh*t).  However, we were in northern Tennessee/Kentucky in the Minenite we ran into a few horse drawn carriages, plows powered by hefty steed, kids running around barefoot, and a woman with a wheelbarrow rolling down the road bringing her harvest home (to which the guys said, "see Tilghman, that's an example of a good wife right there...emulate that when you are married"...ha...ha).  We were a little perplexed when there was a horse and carriage coming towards us...what do you say to that "buggy back?"..."carriage up?"...I wonder what they thought of us flying by them with thousands of dollars worth of bikes and gear?  Have to sell a lot of churned butter to buy my next bike, I guess. 

"Borrowed" this picture from a friend...this was the beginning of the ride...can you see me?, I'm in black...ok, I can't really either.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Clarification on Urination

So, just to clarify, I do not tee tee in the pool, I can't, it's impossible for me to relax in such a way around 80 of my closest friends! Therefore, if I can't pee in the pool it's pretty much unimaginable that I would be able to do so on my bike, or in transition, or even on the run...mad props to people that can do such things...they put the port-a-potties out for the novices like me. All you hard core athletes that try to teach me, your time is wasted...I'm just not going to be able to do it...and for me it will make the difference between a 14:00 hour race and a 14:02 race, not going to win because I stayed on the bike.

Next time I get out of the pool, look and you will see that I have a pee-baby in my belly...I drink so much water before and during my workouts that I'm about to explode at the end, just not in the pool. I think I still have that fear burned in my brain from summer camp back in third grade that if you peed in the pool the water would turn red, remember that urban myth? Well, maybe, just maybe, it's still true! However, if you are wondering who is peeing in the pool come find me...I have learned way too much about people! :)

Stole this from Excel's blog...too funny!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lessons Learned

Whoa, I am a month, yes a month, away from race weekend. This time next month I will be standing on the shores of Lake Coeur d'Alene trying not to vomit...imagining what will be in store for me the next day. I will be surrounded by my family and friends and probably be highly distracted with the upcoming events and high on excitement of making it to this day...probably wishing I were just "high" on some substance so I could just forget my worries!

I have become, simply put, IronObsessed. It has been on the front of my mind for months (obvi) but now it's totally, completely, all consuming. If someone asks "how's your day?" I simply respond "I'm training for an Ironman!" Like a special kid, it's all I can say or talk about. "Tilghman, we need that report ASAP!"..."uh, did I tell you I'm training for an Ironman?" I'm like a kid with her first crush, scribbling out her new last name on anything resembling paper and drawing hearts in her mashed potatoes in the cafeteria.

There have been some lessons learned through all this and I've learned a lot about myself. A taste of some of my treasures gained from this experience:

  • I can get 5 hours of sleep and still function (never thought this was possible). Starbucks is necessary, but I can still function.
  • If I get more than two consecutive nights in a row of said sleep time, I become highly susceptible to such illnesses as "swine flu" and "smokers cough"
  • If I get said amount of sleep, I am still functional but highly sensitive and can switch into b*tch mode at an extremely rapid pace
  • A dog's love is truly unconditional...he may give me the "you look like a pork chop and I'm going to kill you in your sleep" glare every now and again, but he still loves me regardless
  • I can get ready for work in 15 minutes and still look the same as if I'd taken an hour
  • My toenails will take on the look of my fathers if I am not careful, I have apparently inherited his feet...pedicures are necessary
  • The pedicure place does not give an 8 toenail discount, you still have to pay for the full 10 because they paint the skin of anything lost
  • Peeing in the pool was considered social suicide as a kid, but highly acceptable as an adult, even encouraged by your coach
  • It's completely ok to talk about GI issues at the dinner table as long as you are with your tri friends
  • I have somehow forgotten the art of making my bed and cleaning my house...thankfully you can pay someone to do these things for you
  • There is nothing better than a cold beer after a long workout...however, more than two and I may pass out at the table
  • I have learned to appreciate the simple things in an afternoon off lounging in the park with a good book and your dog...or a hot shower after a soggy 7 hour bike ride.
  • The grocery store does stay open past 6:00 and I can get things done when it's dark out
  • I can still carry on a conversation about things other than triathlon training, but currently much prefer to discuss mile splits, avg mph and T30 times
  • I really can do pretty much anything I put my mind to and heart in!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Officially Unofficial

Today was yet another race day, I know, I know...I really shouldn't have done it, but I did...Coach was not necessarily happy about my decision but the money was paid and I was determined to do at least one race with my group of friends this year.  We all piled in our cars on Saturday afternoon and headed to the wonderful city that is Memphis, TN (okay, technically Millington, ahhh Millington, lovely, lovely, Millington!) for the Memphis in May Olympic distance triathlon.  For those that don't know this equates to a .9 mile swim, 25 mile bike and a 6.2 mile run (a quarter IM!...not technically, but close!).  

Since this is "hell month" there was no rest or tapering for this event and since I think I contracted the swine flu after Gulf Coast it made the week even more difficult trying to get over being sick, recovering from a half IM and still pushing it for the last phase of IM training.  The day before Memphis in May I had a long ride scheduled...luckily there was an organized ride (the Tour de Nash) so I had something to motivate me to ride 60 miles (again, in the rain...damn the rain, damn it!).  It was a fun ride and I tried to ride like I wasn't racing the next I "pushed" it for my standards!  I finished the ride and literally hopped in the car with my friend and drove to Memphis.  Once in Memphis we checked in, got our numbers, ate dinner, went to bed and woke up at 5am to rest for the weary I tell ya!  

I told myself this would be just a training race, but since I won Athena last weekend I was feeling the expectations to do it again...and again I did!!  Yay Athena!!!  Well, unofficially...I left the race sight and the results said I had won, however, they weren't the official race results (we had to leave in order to get back to Nashville for beers so there was no time to wait around) we will have to wait until tomorrow for official results.  I am starting to get this competitive bug that I didn't really know I had.  My age group started DEAD LAST in the race so I wanted to pass as man people as I could.  I was kicking and elbowing people in the water and pushing past as many people as I could on the bike.  I hit the ground running and pushed an 8:26 pace for the first 5 of the 6 miles (still not sure what measuring stick they used on mile seemed LONG!)...crossed the finish line in 2:40...25ish minutes faster than my last Olympic distance I felt great!  It was a fun, fun race and I'm so glad I did it.  

Lisa came to cheer Katie and me on!  It was super cold in the morning (a chilly 57 degrees...cold after you get used to the heat)...Lisa was our official photog.  (who killed Kenny?!)

The whole crew carbo loading the night before (table for 13 figure out the bill)
Katie and me the morning of the race.  This was Katie's FIRST tri...and an Olympic none the less!!!  She rocked it and I am so proud of her for making it her bee-atch!
Heading into the duck poop, algae filled was so gross, but such a nice reprieve from the ocean swim the weekend before!  Is there such a thing as duck flu?...a gross hybrid of the swine flu I seem to have already contracted?
Swim is done...took a good 5 minutes off my previous .9 mile swim times!  Thank you wetsuit...again, I LOVE IT!  Lisa was slow on the uptake for the rest of the it appears that I didn't bike or run, but I promise I did!  Lisa still gets mad props for this great!
All in all a super fun race and was so happy to have all my buddies there!  I will do Memphis in May again in a heartbeat!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Gulf Coast 70.3 Race Report

Don't really know what to write about since I think I blacked out in the first 2 minutes of the race and can't really remember anything! That's the only reason why I do these things...I can never remember them, thus never remember the pain!...ok, not really...but I can only imagine it's like child birth, you forget the bad and only remember the good!

The morning started with a 4:30 wake-up call. Transition opened at 4:30 for body marking to begin and I was a hop, skip and jump away from transition, so I "slept in." I made my way down, set everything up...sprayed myself with sunscreen which immediately washed my number off...oops! And headed towards the beach!

Swim: I was getting ready to poop myself at the start line. I was so nervous about the swim...just get me to the bike, was all I could think about. The gun went off at 6:35 and we were in the water. I dove under the first few waves and then started my swim. I did "tarzan" style for about 50 yards and realized if I kept it up I would exhaust myself, so I dug down and just went for it. It was almost a zen like experience...I just got in a zone (doing exactly the opposite of everything I have learned and practiced at swim class) and went for it. I swam pretty straight and had no major issues with sighting or masses of people or anything. I did get kicked in the face once, but that's par for the course and my hopes to be a teen model are long gone. My watch said 37:00ish when I got out of the water, but I crossed the mat in about 39 minutes.
Hung out with Ben and Sarah at the starting line getting ready for the big race. I accidentally zipped by Gu in my wetsuit...oops!, Sarah had to undo me so I could reach in and get it.
Again with blogger technology...a mini version I can't seem to get rid of! I've tried 4 times, to hell with it!Bike: What a great bike! SO FLAT! I wanted to "just go!" so bad, but I knew I would kill myself if I pushed the bike to hard. I kept watch of my cadence and kept it high (above 90rpm's) and took a mental check of breathing/heart rate every now and again to make sure I wasn't being crazy. The wind wasn't too least better than I had anticipated. I felt like the miles were just melting away (maybe they were, it was effen hot!) I felt like all I was doing was eating and drinking while riding. It's like there weren't enough minutes in the hour to suck down all the gatorade I had planned and eat the gels/blocks I had prepared. I never wanted to see gatorade again after that bike! At mile 35ish I started singing myself a song about how I was kicking butt and that I would win Athena (positive thinking people) and I just knew I was going to do well on the run. I was shocked when I passed the halfway point and saw that if I kept pace I would be well under 3 hours. "Barring any flats I will kick this bikes ass!" I thought...well, negative thinking has it's effect too! At mile 51-52 I heard this psssssst. Sh*t, that can't be me can it? Maybe there's a snake in the bushes...damn, it was me. I kept going for another mile and thinking, should I stop to change it? I figured it would take way to long with my un-skillz so I just took a CO2 cartridge to see if I could fill it and have it hold for a little dumb, I tell ya. Flat as a pancake within .5 seconds. So, I rode in the last 4 miles on a flat...still cruising at about 19mph! I didn't want to lost my sub 3 ride! I came in at 2:54ish...also got a 4 minute drafting penalty...the dude yelled at me, so I looked over and he took my number off my helmet...damn. If I'd have ignored him maybe he wouldn't have determined my number since it was all washed away from sunscreen/water/sweat. Race official: "What's your number?", me turning and looking at who's causing such commotion: "huh?!", official: "never mind, thanks!" Grrr!Run: HOT!!!!! Oh my lord it was HOT! I planned on walking through every other water stop, so every two miles, every 18 minutes or so. Well, as soon as I saw that first stop at mile 1 my strategy quickly changed. There were angels flying around it and choirs singing, with sweet little children handing out ice-water soaked would just be too mean not to take them up on their offer! Those stops were what got me through the run. After many strategy sessions with coach, I knew that I could only walk as I got to the stop (not 20 yards before it) and start running again as soon as I went through and got what I needed...I did just that and it worked well. I was holding a pretty consistent 9:30 pace (slower than I had wanted...wanted 9:00's...but given the heat I was fine with it and as long as I was running, even better!). The dreaded park wasn't nearly as hot as everyone claimed it to be and by mile 10 I knew I had sub 6:00 in the bag...just keep chugging along! As I was running in the last .2 miles I looked to my left and saw a fellow blogger/blog follower Chloe and yelled at her...thanking her in my head for her nifty piece of advice to put ice in your sports bra...genius! So fun! I finished strong and saw Coach and his wife cheering me in for the last few yards...I had to pump my fists with joy, what a great race!!! Finished the run in 2:08...
Finish line: I immediately went to the medical tent to get some IV's of fluid...apparently all the cool kids are doing it and it makes for a much easier night of drinking...where do I sign?! I was on such a high and was so pumped about my race. My confidence about the Ironman was soaring! I had a sweet British nurse who couldn't find a vein to save her life. Apparently my man hands with bulging blue veins weren't enough for her... I squirmed and squealed like a little sissy. She asked "didn't you just run a half IM?"...yeah, yeah, lady...find the vein already!
Victory party!: Nashville had a strong showing and Team Tater rocked it! We were all so excited and were happy to be cleaned up and drinking! Got my award and then got a cheeseburger...well played, Athena, well played!

Hangin' with the Boys

Here are some more pics from pre-race day when I went out with the fellas to do some open water swim practice. I was having orders barked at me from every direction, everyone knew the best, better, easiest, fastest way open water hanging with the dudes, it's always a "you know what" contest!

When looking at the waves in the pictures I feel like such a wimp...but I'm pretty sure anyone that was there will tell you they were not fun and impossible to get into any kind of rhythm in out there.

Coach showing me the way, back to shore that is!..."see that big tall building, swim towards it!"...uh, thanks.
Suitin' up for our practice swim...Chris (who is balancing on one foot) is about 2 seconds away from busting it...we all just stood there and laughed.
Reluctantly putting my wetsuit on. I hated wearing tights when I was little because I always felt like the crotch hung down to my knees...I have similar feelings towards my wetsuit...hike it up there!

I can't figure out how to delete this picture...damn technology!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Winner, Winner...

...chicken dinner!

This past weekend was the Gulf Coast Triathlon, my first half IM.  After a painstakingly long drive to Florida (hello 8 hours solo, blech) I arrived on Thursday night.  I woke up Friday to meet Coach and some other fellas from Nashville to test out the waters, spin for a short ride and take to the streets for a quick run.  We met around 8am and the water was already rough and the sun was blaring...I just knew we were in for quite a treat on race day...HOT, HOT, HOT!  After what seemed like an hour of stalling on the beach, I strapped on my wetsuit and gingerly stepped into the ocean.  Coach rolled his eyes and told me to get my ass in there...ick, barf, gag...I HATE swimming in the ocean, it freaks me out!  I don't know when I went from it being fun for childhood swimming/playing to having it scare me to death.  We were only going for 10 minutes or so, and I'm not even sure I actually did more than four strokes in a row without coming up for air while choking on mouthfuls of salt water...the water was super choppy with big rolling waves.  I knew I was going to be in for a treat the next morning with a 1.2 mile swim looming ahead of me.  It was good to get in there and test it out but it almost made me more nervous than I already was.  

I will post a full race report once I get some of the pics from Mrs. Triswami who was so cool to come out and take pics of Coach's athletes and friends (it was great to have a cheerleader on course!)  However, I had a GREAT race, much better than anticipated and I WON the Athena division...whoop, whoop!  Yay!!  5:50:08, plus a 4 min drafting penalty for an official finish time of 5:54:08 (boo-hiss penalties)!

This was the view from my stomach dropped when I opened the door Friday morning, the swim start was right there greeting me!  Prepare to drown Tilly!
Some peeps getting ready to test out the waters!
The other Athena's that placed and me (about to get bitch slapped by the amazon next to me...luckily she just wanted to high five!) on stage getting our awards.  All the guys were afraid she was going to beat me up!  
With my award...yes, I am really an Athena (I had to answer that question many times)...I have a handicap and it's my ass, it's big and it slows me down!  Let's just say the brothas love me!  Believe me, I will GLADLY not race in Athena when I am not's not something I'm super happy about! ;)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I LOVE My...

Holy mackerel...this thing is amazing!  I haven't taken it out of the box since I bought has been too sketchy to go outside and I haven't wanted to look like a complete tool box at the pool.  Buuuut, with the Gulf Coast Half Ironman this weekend I HAD to put this puppy on and take it for a spin to see if it worked, where it might rub, if I could get it on in less that 45 minutes, etc.  I made Katie come to the pool with me tonight (after we already has swim practice this morning...she's awesome!) to zip me in and swim a cool 800 with me.  After a little struggle (not near as much as purchase day), I had this bad boy on and was in the pool.  Oh my god, this thing rocks!  I floated the 800 with hardly more than a twitter of a kick...absolutely fabulous!  I did feel like a stuffed sausage, but also admittedly a little bit like a super hero...thus the pose!  "It's a bird, it's a's an Orca, it's Super Tilly!"

Monday, May 4, 2009

So Hungry!

Is this normal? I went to sleep last night and awoke to what I typically call the "Sunday night demons," you know, the list of things that you have to do for the week start creeping into your head and keep you awake with worry/anticipation/excitement, whatever. I thought that was what woke me up, but I couldn't shake it...then I realized it wasn't my brain that jolted me from sleep, but my stomach! I went downstairs chugged some water and slammed some cheese and crawled back in bed and was out within 30 seconds. I don't think this has ever happened...I physically had to eat something in the middle of the night! Don't get me wrong, I'm not depriving myself of any calories right now. It seems that all I am doing is eating...I find myself eating my afternoon snack my 10:30 in the morning and praying that we can go to lunch at 11:30 instead of 12:00! It's probably the best thing ever because even though I'm eating like a hog, people keep saying "you look like you've lost weight"...I mean, someone pinch me, my dream has come true! ;)

Since I overslept on Friday and couldn't work my day to make it to the pool I decided to make Friday my off day, switching with Sunday. So, yesterday I rocked the 4,500 meters I had planned to do on Friday. It was a great swim! Did a 600 warm up, then 1x800, 2x400, 4x200, 8x100 and then a 700 cool down. My lane was on the same interval as the "fast lane" so I didn't get much rest at all...most rest between sets was about 15 seconds. So, the swim was pretty continuous and almost non-stop on some sets...2.4 miles, here I come!...maybe that's why I was so friggin' hungry!!

Cash noshing after a nice 8 mile hike last weekend...this is what I feel like, head in my feed bag at all times!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Slippery When Wet

I did the 3 State 3 Mountain Century ride in Chattanooga yesterday.  What a day!  It was POURING rain, thundering and lightning for the first 50 of the 100 miles.  It was a little nerve racking descending the winding mountain roads with wet concrete and wet brakes, riding through puddles and drafting off spraying tires.  It had been threatening to rain all morning but was staying dry.  It wasn't until the starting gun went off that it started to spit on us and then full on pour for the next few hours.  Ugh!  

There were water/rest stops every 20 or so miles.  I didn't plan on stopping at the first one because I knew I would have enough fuel, so I planned to stop at the second one which I was told was at mile 44.  In my mind I kept thinking, "44, 44, 44"...when I looked down at my bike computer and saw "40" I thought "4 more miles and then rest stop."...well, to my surprise I look over and there were hundreds of bikers at the rest stop at mile 40.  I quickly put on the brakes and took a sharp turn into the stop...bad idea.  For some reason the fact that it was pouring rain and wet roads completely slipped my mind and my bike went sliding out from beneath me and I totally wrecked in front of everyone!  Luckily I didn't cause anyone behind me to crash...but I was highly embarrassed bailing in front of all those riders!  I got a little scraped up on my leg but came out pretty unscathed since I had a jacket on to protect my elbow which took the brunt of the fall.  I was more concerned for the fellow riders who had to see my lovely thigh that had been exposed by my bike shorts being pushed up from sliding across the concrete...ick, sorry guys! ;)  This is also the first time ever that I have fallen off my bike...I haven't even tipped over when trying to get out of my clip pedals or anything...I guess after three years of riding I was due!

It was a great ride, all things considered.  The mountains proved to be challenging (the last one KILLED me) and 100 miles is definitely a distance that demands the utmost respect.  I spoke with a fellow Nashville triathlete (whom has completed 4 Ironman being CDA) and she said it was the toughest century ride she'd ever done and that CDA would be like small rolling hills compared to 3S3M....whew!!!  

Coach and me gearing up for the ride.  I had purchased my jacket the day before at the expo (thank you 60% off) and didn't think I would use it until next season...thank God I bought it, I would have died of cold/wet without it!
Rest stop at mile 80, the last stop before the last mountain...I tried not to spend more than a minute or two at the stops, just to refill my water bottles (preparing for IM strategy).  However, I spent a little more time at this one, I was pretty much ready for the ride to be finished at this point!  I also only saw two other women after the 62 mile turn off...woo hoo, girl power! 
At the mile 80 rest stop.  "Excuse me, will you take my picture and help me waste time before I have to get back on my bike?"  This picture does no justice as to how soaked to the bone I am. 
My bike, Orby, was FILTHY!  There is so much dirt, grim and road kill on it...ugh!
YAY!!!  I am finished!  But in reality would have another 12 to ride and a marathon to run...ahhh!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Finish Line Photo Op

I was having dinner with Katie and Patrick last night and inevitably we discussed the IM. We were getting giddy (ok, maybe I was getting giddy) thinking about the race and how it will feel to finish. Katie and I were devising a plan on how she could run part of the marathon and how Meghan and others can run legs of the race with me too (mind you they will probably be slightly intoxicated at this point). I immediately said, "don't try to talk to me, I will probably punch you in the face if I can muster the energy!" Like I've said before, zone "B"'s not pretty. Katie was saying how inspirational it's going to be watching all the athletes cross the finish line and I thought "oh, crap, what am I going to do as my finish line finale?" If I am upright and not pooping myself what will I do? Should I do a little jig? Moon walk? Crab walk? Jump for joy? Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

In other training news, I was so pumped to go to swim practice this morning. I had fully plotted and planned that I was going to go for the gold and swim 4500 meters...long course. To my dismay I awoke to the sunrise this morning...mind you, the sun does not rise and 4:30, it begins to peek it's head out at 5:30-45...I shot out of bed looked and my clock and said "shit" simple as you can express yourself at such a desperate time. How did I manage to completely disregard setting my alarm clock? It's not like it's a new practice, I do it EVERY would be like me forgetting to get coffee in the morning, it just doesn't happen (not to mention I'm completely anal, so things like this typically don't get overlooked). So now I have to squeeze in my 4500 solo, ugh. I was so jazzed at this point that I couldn't say "oh well, I'll just get another 45 minutes of sleep" I got out of bed, showered and got read for the day. I was ready to leave by 6:45...not ready to get into the office that early, so I headed to Fido with my book and had a nice leisurely breakfast and a good 45 minutes of reading and relaxing...what a great way to start the day...of course rocking 4500 meters would have been better, oh well, I guess there's lunch time for that!