Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I LOVE My...

Holy mackerel...this thing is amazing!  I haven't taken it out of the box since I bought it...weather has been too sketchy to go outside and I haven't wanted to look like a complete tool box at the pool.  Buuuut, with the Gulf Coast Half Ironman this weekend I HAD to put this puppy on and take it for a spin to see if it worked, where it might rub, if I could get it on in less that 45 minutes, etc.  I made Katie come to the pool with me tonight (after we already has swim practice this morning...she's awesome!) to zip me in and swim a cool 800 with me.  After a little struggle (not near as much as purchase day), I had this bad boy on and was in the pool.  Oh my god, this thing rocks!  I floated the 800 with hardly more than a twitter of a kick...absolutely fabulous!  I did feel like a stuffed sausage, but also admittedly a little bit like a super hero...thus the pose!  "It's a bird, it's a plane...it's an Orca whale...no, it's Super Tilly!"

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  1. whoohoo! I'm still debating if I am going to wear one - the gulf has been freaking hot!