Monday, May 25, 2009

Kickin' It

Sittin' back and relaxin' on Memorial that Monday is my day off from training, makes for a nice three day weekend when you have work and training off.  

I felt strong this weekend with my workouts, but my body was very ready for this day off.  After the CRAM on Saturday, I ran 10 miles and did a T60 on Sunday.  I was a little sloth like on Sunday morning so my run didn't start until the time I was finished I had to head directly to swim practice...not solid planning on my part in terms of no rest in between workouts, but I guess it's going to be that way come race day, so good practice I figure.  

Ashley, my swim coach, had a lane set up for those swimmers who are close to their IM races.  This lane was the T60 lane (all others were doing the usual T30) we were to swim for an hour straight, no rest.  This was a great test in mental endurance as well as about boring!  I went out at a slow conservative pace and really felt I could have gone all day long.  I picked it up towards the end and knocked some time off my last 500 or so.  I was happy that I wasn't dog tired at the finish because now I know what I need to do on race day in order to stay fresh for the other thousands of hours of activity I will be doing.  I completed an even 3,000 in the hour (double my T30 distance, so I stayed consistent) and felt I could have gone faster...good place to be!  However, I also got smacked in the face by a foot...a dude in my lane and I came to the wall at the same time and he did a flip turn, which I was not anticipating, and his foot went square into my eye.  He knocked my goggles off and I said to myself "oh no he didn't!" so I took off after him and put a nice gap in between us in the last 600 meters or so...take that!  I'll show you for kickin' it!

I also found these pictures from the Vancouver Marathon I ran back in 2004.  This is EXACTLY what I anticipate the scene looking like after CDA.  Me straight chillin' with mom and dad hard at work rubbing my feet!  "uh, a little more to the left, no more, nope too far, there, yes, perfect!"
See, they enjoy this, I swear...look at those beaming smiles! ;)
Everyone who walked by was so jealous and throwing money at my parents to have them rub their feet.  We were literally hopping in the car and driving directly back to Seattle so we couldn't do this in the privacy of our hotel room...we are such exhibitionists! 


  1. Love the new header on your site!! And, what a weekend. You are amazing...getting all that training in, a party, a night out (you were out with Lisa and all the crew right?)...whew. Congrats!!

    And, your parents...rubbing your feet? Do they need another daughter?

  2. Yay for T60 and it IS boring, isn't it!?! Great job and good practice though. One of the first things I said at theee end, I need to lay down. Love the pix. They rock.

  3. dear Lord. i love your parents and i've never even met them.