Friday, May 15, 2009

Hangin' with the Boys

Here are some more pics from pre-race day when I went out with the fellas to do some open water swim practice. I was having orders barked at me from every direction, everyone knew the best, better, easiest, fastest way open water hanging with the dudes, it's always a "you know what" contest!

When looking at the waves in the pictures I feel like such a wimp...but I'm pretty sure anyone that was there will tell you they were not fun and impossible to get into any kind of rhythm in out there.

Coach showing me the way, back to shore that is!..."see that big tall building, swim towards it!"...uh, thanks.
Suitin' up for our practice swim...Chris (who is balancing on one foot) is about 2 seconds away from busting it...we all just stood there and laughed.
Reluctantly putting my wetsuit on. I hated wearing tights when I was little because I always felt like the crotch hung down to my knees...I have similar feelings towards my wetsuit...hike it up there!

I can't figure out how to delete this picture...damn technology!

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