Friday, May 1, 2009

Finish Line Photo Op

I was having dinner with Katie and Patrick last night and inevitably we discussed the IM. We were getting giddy (ok, maybe I was getting giddy) thinking about the race and how it will feel to finish. Katie and I were devising a plan on how she could run part of the marathon and how Meghan and others can run legs of the race with me too (mind you they will probably be slightly intoxicated at this point). I immediately said, "don't try to talk to me, I will probably punch you in the face if I can muster the energy!" Like I've said before, zone "B"'s not pretty. Katie was saying how inspirational it's going to be watching all the athletes cross the finish line and I thought "oh, crap, what am I going to do as my finish line finale?" If I am upright and not pooping myself what will I do? Should I do a little jig? Moon walk? Crab walk? Jump for joy? Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

In other training news, I was so pumped to go to swim practice this morning. I had fully plotted and planned that I was going to go for the gold and swim 4500 meters...long course. To my dismay I awoke to the sunrise this morning...mind you, the sun does not rise and 4:30, it begins to peek it's head out at 5:30-45...I shot out of bed looked and my clock and said "shit" simple as you can express yourself at such a desperate time. How did I manage to completely disregard setting my alarm clock? It's not like it's a new practice, I do it EVERY would be like me forgetting to get coffee in the morning, it just doesn't happen (not to mention I'm completely anal, so things like this typically don't get overlooked). So now I have to squeeze in my 4500 solo, ugh. I was so jazzed at this point that I couldn't say "oh well, I'll just get another 45 minutes of sleep" I got out of bed, showered and got read for the day. I was ready to leave by 6:45...not ready to get into the office that early, so I headed to Fido with my book and had a nice leisurely breakfast and a good 45 minutes of reading and relaxing...what a great way to start the day...of course rocking 4500 meters would have been better, oh well, I guess there's lunch time for that!

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  1. I think you should do the moon walk. No doubt. :)

    Ugh. I HATE it when the alarm does not go off!