Monday, April 27, 2009

Final Stretch!

I am doing it right!!!

Today starts my month of hell...the next four weeks will be pretty intense with a lot of races, looong workouts and little rest. I am feeling good about my schedule and that it is putting me in a great place to be successful come June 21st. I have four races/organized rides this month with little to no taper time in order to keep my volume up. I am doing the 3 State 3 Mountain century ride (100 miles) in Chattanooga this weekend (killer hills...great practice for CDA), the following week will travel to Panama City Beach for the Gulf Coast Half IM, after that I will pack up and head to Memphis for the Memphis in May Olympic distance triathlon (hope to have lots o' BBQ after that one...swine flu be damned) and last weekend will be the CRAM ride yet another 100 miler. The last week of the month is still TBD, as I will talk to coach about what I want to focus on for the final week of hell (those hazing frat boys know nothing about hell week...train for an IM, I dare ya!) I know there will be one more killer brick repeat workout and then taper time will come...yay!
I will kick off the month (ok, it's still April, whatever) with a nice 3 hour ride this afternoon...let the games begin!


  1. GURL, enjoy the ride. It'll be tough but that's where all the best stories come from. Oh, and if you find yourself crying just because you're so freakin tired, it's OK. That's normal;)

  2. I feel ya...just put my May training calendar together....ouch! Heading for the Wildflower long course this weekend, then to CDA to ride the IM course in late May. Good Luck next month!

  3. Have fun on the ride this weekend! I have a few friends who are heading up there for it. And GULF COAST! We so have to meet up!! Get excited! Snoop Doggie Dog....whoop whoop!!