Sunday, April 19, 2009

Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to...

Let's call the whole thing off...

I went out with the Nashville Triathlon Club on Saturday morning to tag along on their 80 mile ride.  I was scheduled to do 100, so Ben, Sarah and I met at 6:00am (hello Saturday morning!) to get a few miles in before the 80 mile ride commenced.  We didn't really get our act together until about 6:20, so we cruised for about 8 miles before meeting up with the group.  

Men, men everywhere!  Normally my cup of tea, but when you are about to head out on an 80 mile bike ride in through towns in Tennessee you've never even heard of you immediately freak out that you will be dropped like a prom dress and left for dead (do you think the "dead wagon" would pick me up and throw me in with the cows?).  I was so nervous as Sarah and I were the only women and I knew it would turn into a testosterone-fest seeing who could ride the fastest.  Luckily they guys were super cool and we spent a lot of time together drafting off one another on the ride.  Normally my favorite draft is cool, frosty beer, but I now have a new favorite draft, the bike draft...hello easy ridin'!  Now, I did get close to being left for dead a few times (see hills) but we always got back together at a turn or stop sign to be sure everyone knew where they were going.  There were a few breathtaking hills (I finally met "Theta") and some good rollers through out the ride and I just LOVED flying down the big hills passing the guys yelling "wheee!" (I guess my weight helps with the law of gravity...pansy bikers, throw on a few pounds!).  

I got back to the starting point and rode around for another 5 miles for a grand total of 95 miles and an 18.3 mph pace...yee haw! (planning for 16 mph at the IM)...I felt great and was so excited that all my friends were there at the finish line for the Nashville Triathlon Club's annual spring picnic.  It was great to rest, get a back rub (thanks Spence and Patrick) and tell war stories about our rides (there were 50 and 25 mile options too).  

Everyone says I can claim 100 say 100, I say 95...let's call the whole thing off.  

Fueling up before the big ride the night before at our favorite restaurant, PM.  Yes, beer and edamame...great choice!  Photo courtesy of Spence, the great giver of back rubs!

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  1. Call me for the meal part next time, will ya?;) Looks good girlie. Yeah, that's always my biggest fear on an 'all boy' bike ride. While I think they can be the most fun, I don't need to get caught up in a pee pee contest.