Friday, April 10, 2009

When Animals Attack!

In other animal news...I was riding my bike in Percy Warner Park again last week and I was on high alert for kamikaze my relief I only had one make a fake attempt at side swiping me. However, I was so tuned in on watching for darting rodents that I didn't even think to heed the air above. I was climbing what is known as "10 mile hill" (because it's at mile 10 on the loop, clever huh?...not to be confused with 3 mile hill, which is at mile 3, in case you were wondering) and was at the top where there is a nice view of a steeple in the distance (one of my favorite spots in Nashville)...I was out of breath and trying to soak in the view as I peaked the hill turning to fly/rest on the downhill, when out of nowhere an OWL dive bombed me! I saw it out of the corner of my eye and I quickly swerved my bike, ducked my head and yelled "mother %*$#@" (again, my tourettes comes out in full force while on my bike). It missed me by a few inches I am sure...I was shocked! Although, I like to think he was swooping down to catch a squirrel that was about to side swipe me. This owl is apparently a legend in Percy Warner, known to attack innocent victims who appear mouse-like from his perch high in the trees.

True friend and I were training for a Mt. Rainier climb last year and spent a lot of time in Percy Warner with packs on our backs. I told him a story about my college friend who, while running around campus one night, was attacked by an owl. He replied "what kind of a-hole do you have to be to get attacked by an owl?"...we laughed and carried on. Well, that legendary little sucker must have great hearing because as soon as we were finished with our hike, I hopped in my car to drive home and, my friend decided to run to the end of the road and back. Within 5 minutes my phone range and he said "I JUST GOT ATTACKED BY AN OWL!" Seriously, what kind of a-hole do you have to be?! hahaha! So he got a big ol' laugh when I called him to tell him about my near death experience last week on my bike. I guess if you spend enough time in the park you are bound to be attacked by this owl. My card was up!

Scary little suckers aren't they? I may have nightmares! ;)
I'm sure one of my friends will find this suit and jump out of a tree trying to frighten me! ;)

Oh yeah, and I briefly mentioned that there was another animal story. We were doing our 60 mile hill ride last week and we rode past a dead cow on the side of the road! Ick! I started to holler and carry on and my friend Ben was like "what are you freaking out about" and I replied "the dead cow?" He didn't even see if and we rode right past it...crazy! I was so distraught about it because I just love animals (I am one for high, not necessary, fake drama)! I learned after the ride that farmers put their dead animals on the side of the road for the "dead wagon" to come by and pick them up. There were many dramatic fake tears and boo-hoo-ing when I heard cow funerals?! The horror! I ate a cheeseburger in her honor later that in peace Bessie!

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  1. Can you tell I'm not working today and stalking everyone in blogland, hahaha!? Don't trust those medical types, dead things don't bother them;) I was on baby 3 mile hill Tuesday nite about 8:00, a parrty in the dark. I would scream like a baby girl if I was jacked by an owl. We got tagged by a bat once. ewwwwww.