Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And On The Third Day She Rode Again

Happy Easter! (late)  Someone asked me where and when I was going to church this year and I replied, I am going to the church of the IM, the Dave Scott denomination in particular.  

Ben, Sarah, Andy and I all convened at Andy's house and set off on a monstrous workout.  We did a brick repeat workout that went a little something like this...15 mile bike, 3 mile run, 15 mile bike, 4 mile run, 15 mile bike, 5 mile run, 20 mile bike...then done!  A total of 65 miles biking and 12 running...if we had thrown in some swimming you could have called it a half IM.  It was a gorgeous day and I felt good during the whole workout...we ran a little faster than I am used to so I struggled the last mile of the last run leg, heck we rode a lot faster than I am used to too!  At the end Andy (he didn't have to do the last 20 mile ride, as he is still at the beginning of his IMKY training) had cold beers waiting, I was so nauseous that I couldn't eat or drink anything, that has NEVER happened before! ;)  It was a confidence booster and I was super excited at the end, mainly to be finished but also because I didn't bonk and I felt good.

We have our first century ride this weekend, gulp, 100 miles...hitting the triple digits!  This is the last week of our build week before we get another rest week.  It will be a tough week with 35 miles of running, 10 hours of biking and 12,000 meters of swimming...can't wait for next week!

This was our transition area in Andy's basement...it was a great crew to workout with!  Triswami was diagnosed with a stress fracture (you can see him in the boot) so he drove the course and took some pics of us in action...will have to get these from Coach!

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  1. I think he's just sitting there watching everyone get naked. He's freaky like dat! Sounds like a killer workout but a gorgeous day. See you at the pool