Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Does This Workout Make Me Look Skinny?

Final build week before rest week...yee haw!! So for those of you whom I haven't talked to in a while, called, texted, emailed, etc. this is why...

Monday: rest day..."oh, hello Cash, what's that you say? Timmy's in a well?, you want to go for a walk...of course!"

Tuesday: morning: swim 4000 yards, night: suposed to run 6, but decided against it and am squeezing it in on Wednesday instead...took dog for another long walk, he deserves it!

Wednesday: morning: 1.5 bike (test day with Todd, and I rocked it...increase wattage by 10%), night: run 6 miles, swim 3500

Thursday: morning: 10 mile run (6x1 mile repeats at 10K pace mixed in), night: 2 hour bike

Friday: morning: swim 4000 meters, night: 7 mile run

Saturday: morning-noon-night: 100 mile bike

Sunday: morning: 12 mile run (might be 14 if I don't get all 10 in on Thursday), afternoon: swim 4000 meters

There are two more 100+ rides (that I know about). One being the 3 State 3 Mountain on May 2nd...yes, that's because the ride takes you through three states (Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia) and over three mountains (hills, people! when will the South learn these are NOT mountains...come to Washington, I'll show you a mountain!) ;) And then the CRAM (Clarksville Rotary Annual Metric) that offers a 100 mile option. I guess that means it's time to stock up on body glide! I should be getting May's workout schedule soon...can't wait to see what else is in store!...


  1. I've heard about that 3 state ride! Are you going to do it?

  2. Woot, woot! AND yes, this workout makes you look skinny. Looks like a great workout plan to me. ...and so does the new suit;)