Friday, April 24, 2009

Standing on the Sidelines

I am so excited!  Tomorrow is Nashville's own Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon.  It's so cool to live in a city with such a big and fun race...I think they said there are 30,000 peeps running this year.  I do not have to run this race since I have a LOADED race schedule in May to really push the final leg of my training.  So, I get to CHEER!!!  YAY!!  

My friends and I are meeting at my house and walking a few blocks up to Belmont Blvd to catch the runners at mile 3ish and 7ish.  At first I was torn about not being able to run this race, but now that I have assembled a lean, mean cheering contingent I am so excited to actually be riding the bench.  

Cash will be rocking his sandwich board cheering for Amy and Katie...he has been practicing his high kicks and I think he's primed and ready!
He must really love me to put up with this!

Keep your eye out for us around Bongo Java!  We will be sure to go crazy when we see you!  Good luck to all my running fool friends!


  1. OMG, how did Cash's cheering go? I know it was hot. I'm sure he hydrated well. I love those signs!

  2. THANK YOU, CASH!!! You looked so handsome in your signs!