Monday, April 20, 2009

Team Tilly!

There is quite the contingent heading to Coeur d'Alene to come watch and cheer at the Ironman.  I was overwhelmed with how many of my friends and family want to come watch and am so gracious for their support in this crazy endeavor...I think they've decided to stop asking "why?" and just go with it...either that or they are sneakily planning some sort of intervention!

So meet my peeps!  Those that will get me through the race day (they currently are doing more than they can imagine just getting me to the starting line!)

Katie (on left) is my soon to be roomie in Nashville...she is flying all the way to Idaho to watch the race!  Lisa on right is a big local cheerleader!
My beautiful mom (of course she'll be there...she's my BEST cheerleader and post race foot rubber), Molly (my bro's cute gf) and my brother!  This is a pic of them cheering me on at the Marine Corp Marathon...they were getting some practice in for the big event!
My dear, sweet, precious brother who is coming on out his 30th birthday weekend to support me...I will have to get him something spectacular for his birthday gift!
My awesome dad!  Who may not know it, but he's letting me borrow his car to drive to Idaho from Seattle...uh, thanks dad!
My bestie Meghan (and her S.O. Coop-town, not pictured) will be trekkin' across the state of Washington to spend the weekend in Idaho cheering me've gotta love your childhood best friend!  Meghan will also be coming out on her birthday...I'm beyond words.

I LOVE these people so much and cannot believe they are doing this for me!  I just hope they don't have so much fun (see beer drinking) that they pass out before I cross the finish line...remember guys, I will be out there ALL DAY LONG...pace yourselves, as will I!

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  1. Is that Lisa McIntyre? way!! Let the fun begin. Remind all your fans that cheerleading is actually harder than running/racing the Ironman. They will be sore beyond belief...and in the words of Dee Davis "140.6 drinks MUST be consumed!"

    Congrats T. on this race...I'm follow you too via your blog and're getting pretty crazy fast in running!!!