Wednesday, June 17, 2009


That's me, #177...I officially have an Ironman race number!  I have given this to my friends and family to track me, however, I'm always a little weary about tracking people with their chips because I followed my friend at the Chicago Marathon and two days later I received an email saying "Justin just crossed the 5k mark in 21ish minutes"...uh, Justin finished the race two days ago!  So call Katie if you want a real up to date status.

Anyhoo, we are finishing up the final race prep.  Lots of lists and such.  Mom and I did a grocery run to get the essentials that I didn't pack with me...lots o' Gatorade, PB sammich makings, bagels, newtons, potatoes, the whole she-bang.  Gassing up the Suburban and putting air in the know all the travel essentials.  I also realized that it's not as hot in the northwest as it is in the south.  Funny that I grew up here but didn't quite register this as I was we headed off to REI to buy some arm warmers for me to wear on the bike (should I need them)...apparently I somewhat remembered this phenomenon of it being colder in the mountains, because I packed my leg warmers...go figure, I'm going insane...shocking, I know.  

I am also still in the "calm before the storm" mode.  I haven't really been too jacked up about the's like I've been bit by the Tsetse fly and all I care to do is sleep.  I did a 25 minute swim and a 30 minute run today and it was like I was struggling to get it done.  This is what I HATE about tapering.  I know that this is what it feels like, but I just loathe it...I feel like fatty fatterson trying to run three miles and it's hard to justify carb loading when you are sitting on your butt all day long...absolutely hate it (I have managed to watch 5 movies already).  However, I did have my best marathon after really sticking to the taper, so I know inside my head that it's right, but it's just so difficult.  I have a massage tomorrow before we hit the road...hopefully that will get me feeling good and I know that once I get to Coeur d'Alene the adrenaline will start pumpin'!  

As we hopped in the car yesterday my mom handed me these little motivational rock thingies...she saw them the other day and thought of me...exactly what I need as some sort of mantra...she jokingly said "put them in your shoe for the run!"....hahahahahaha!  
See...I am going insane...I am seeing things...Cash?! parents and I have "matching" dogs! (doesn't Zach look like he's missing a leg...don't worry, it's tucked up under his belly).


  1. Enjoy the massage. You are doing everything right. You are ready for this weekend. I am sure you'll draw some inspiration from the rocks your mom gave you at some point during the race. Good luck!

  2. I'll be tweeting from the race...and probably taking photos to post (as long as Tilly doesn't mind)! So follow me on the Twitter if you wanna knwo how T's doing!

  3. I hate taper too! I get taper tantrums...moody and kinda down cause i can't do what i love, which is train. It's good for the body though! And the mind.
    My race # for Great Floridian was 177. Good luck!

  4. I love you and I'll be thinking of you!! Couldn't be more proud - GO TILGHMAN!!!