Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's June, wait, what?...IT'S JUNE!!!!!

Ok, crappy job with my photo, I know.

Oh lord, it's June! June, June, June...I flipped my calendar and there it was, staring me down, taunting me, questioning my work...June 21st. The M-Dot I drew on my calendar back in January is there, right there on June 21st...isn't there another month between May and June...Mune?, Jay?...nope, nothing...it's here, less than three weeks away, 18 days, hours, minutes, seconds.

Am I ready, yes...am I freaking out, absolutely!!!

I have come leaps and bounds from where I was in January...it's amazing how the body can adapt and grow with the stresses you put on it. You start looking forward to long rides, getting up before your alarm and feeling like poop if you only work out for an hour instead of 4. I am in a constant state of buzz...I have adrenaline and anxiety pulsing through my veins, getting huge surges when I actually let myself really think about it all. My stomach will knot up and my eyes will swell...I cannot wait to toe the line, cannot wait to finish the swim and hop on my bike, cruise for a cool 112 miles and lace up my shoes for marathon #9...CANNOT wait to cross that finish line and see my friends and family standing there...cannot wait for the hugs and and high fives and the post race foot rub down...cannot wait to be an IRONMAN!!! And sickly I cannot wait to see what's next!

Three weeks to go...tapering and taking care of my body...eating right, getting a few massages, hydrating, hydrating, hydrating. "The hay is in the barn" my coach said...I'm not going to get any stronger, faster, fitter now...it's time to trust what I have done and know that I am there, ready, willing, in the best shape of my life.

Yes, it's June...hello, I have been anxiously awaiting your arrival...


  1. Woohoo, hells yes you're ready. Just take care of yourself and don't take any unnecessary chances at this point - don't sign up for rollerderby or try a new climbing technique. Be calm, be safe, taper, stretch, sleep lots and yes, hearing HIM say your name as you cross that finish line...nothing like it.

  2. Oh, it is hard to believe the end to the journey is almost here. But, watching you go through it has been amazing to say the least! I continue to see how wonderful you look..and all that training your putting is going to show IM CDa who is boss!! Cannot wait to read about the boring days of taper, you trying to figure out what you'll do with all your time...and yes, your next big goal!

    Congrats on showing us how it's done. I hope when I get the guts...I can make it look as easy as you have.

  3. i'm so proud of you baby girl! will you finally get a tat to memorialize the event? a nice big ole "M" on your ankle perhaps!? you might not get any more fit between now and then but dear Lord you've come a long way in the past several months. you ain't an athena anymore dear heart!!!!