Monday, June 15, 2009

Home Again, Home Again Jiggidy Jig!

Always good to be home!

I landed in Seattle on Friday and came home to find the home base Team Tilly coordinator hard at work.  Mom has been busy making signage and hatage for everyone to wear along with their super sweet t-shirts.  Now I will surely see them while out there racing.  It is always nice to be home...have breakfast made for you, clothes cleaned and no worries...perfect way to spend my pre-race week.  I had my 10 year (ahhh, 10 years!) high school reunion this past weekend and it was a was so fun to see my old friends and teachers.  My high school track and cross country coach was there and he couldn't believe I was doing an Ironman...told him he had started an obsession!  It was a great time and there were definitely a few now that it's over I have an IV of water and gatorade in my arm to keep me hydrated for this race!

Mom, hard at work making posters/signs for everyone to carry during the race.
Super cute, huh?  So creative with the m-dot in there!
Yeah, the spelling is wrong...we have learned to make it easier for others to read, thus more cheering and less,, Tilg-haman...!
I like how well she captured my ass in the runner! ;)  


  1. SUPERMOM!! Wow, not only are you going to have a blast during the race, but your Team will have fun cheering you on! EXCITEMENT!!

  2. Your mom is super cute! Love all the gear.

  3. TILMAN. that shit made me laugh out loud.