Monday, June 15, 2009

All The King's Horses...

...and all the King's men...went and put Orby together again!

Hmmm, traveling across the country and need to bring my does this work?  Luckily Coach saved me about $500 dollars in packaging and shipping and let me borrow his bike box for the airplane.  I went to the local bike shop and had them disassemble and pack it for me.  I watched them like a hawk and had them teach me everything they were doing since I am going to have to take it apart on Monday night once back in Seattle to fly out Tuesday...yikes.  There were lots of parts being taken off and strewn around and I thought I was going to vomit at one point...please be careful with Orby!  I was having visions of wheels falling off and handles bars flying off mid race...ahhh!!  As soon as I touched down in Seattle my mom and I went to the local bike shop back home and had them put it back together...I snapped a pic of what it looked like tucked away in the box so I can hopefully simulate it!  

Poor Orby...all scrunched the hell am I going to do this...I see bickering with my mom in the near future..."no, it goes there, not there!!!" ;)

Once Orby was reassembled I took her out for a spin (don't worry it was on my schedule).  It was a gorgeous day in Seattle...sunny, low 70's...not your typical June weather (gasp, no rain!)  I rode this piece of bike trail that has apparently been there for 25 years, but my parents had just discovered...what?!  It is right by our house and takes you along highway 520 to Marymoor Park.  Marymoor is where we always took our bikes as can hit the Sammamish River and Burke-Gilman, you have to have strong will power while riding these trails, because the Chateau Ste Michelle winery and Red Hook Brewery happen to be situated along the route.  Growing up we would ride our bikes to the winery and have picnic lunches with the fam...good times...and lots of reminiscing while I was riding.  

The trails were super crowded...people come out of the woodwork here when it's a sunny Saturday!

Nice view from the bike path...


  1. Wow! That trail looks amazing! And it has a winery or two? Sounds like a perfect place to 'booze cruise'!

  2. i don't have a couch but i have a Coach. you are such a tool.