Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stolen Cars

Ok, you know, absolutely know, that you have gone off the deep end with your Ironman obsessing when your car gets stolen and all your worry about is how this is going to affect your training/race prep/week before you leave for Seattle.

Yes, my car got stolen this heard me, stolen.  I met four friends this morning in Centennial Park, right off busy West End Ave, for a nice 10 mile jaunt.  "Oh, good morning friends, let me just stash my key in my hiding spot and we'll be on our merry way."  Apparently some jack ass (excuse the language) saw me do this and thought it would be cool to take my car.  I yogged back into the park and did a slight double take to notice my car was no longer in it's original spot...where did it go?  I was at first annoyed "great, now I have to cancel my credit cards, call the police, get a new cell phone...don't these people know I want to go to breakfast and take my dog to the lake?"...then I was angry, no, pissed!, "argh! bastards!"...then I remembered my house keys, license, etc. were in my car and that they could go to my house and steal/hurt my dog...I broke down and started bawling!  My friends were amazing and started helping me call credit card companies, banks, police, etc.  Eventually the police came and as they were taking my report a call came into the station that an anonymous caller saw the car behind the market four blocks away...what?!  We drove over and there she was, completely fact, the jerks put my car key back in it's original hiding spot...what?!?!  Needless to say it was quite the morning...and not the way you want to return from a VERY hot and waterless 10 mile run!  I am now a little lighter sans wallet, ipod and phone...but joke is on them, that phone is from the Zach Morris days of cellular technology...and the idiots left my blackberry...again, what?

I realized I had a problem when I look at my friend Lynn and said "I'm going to need a ride to swim practice today."   Yeah, I was thinking about how I was going to get to OWS practice 3 minutes after realizing my car had been stolen...what?!, insane, I know.  Luckily the vehicle was found and they didn't steal my helmet and bike shoes (believe me, had a minor panic attack about that too...lord knows, you can't buy new ones!) and I was able to drive to practice to get in some swimmin'...whew! (insert someone making the "cookoo face" here).  I think someone was testing my wits...luckily, I think I passed.  


  1. Still, I say two words "crack head." Perp probably came from my 'hood. They do that stuff over here. So sorry you lost all that stuff. At least you get a new improved cell now! But everything else is just a pain in the *ss. Years ago someone punched my window and took my purse...while I came in for 5 I can totally relate. Would be nice to find the turd and give them a good gut punch!! Ugh...

    Your schedule is WAY too hectic right now to have to deal with this silliness. But, at least you are safe.

  2. OMG. that is crazy! But at least you are safe! But that is sad to hear about your Zac Morris phone :(

    But I would have thought the same thing - how in the heck am I going to get to the pool?

  3. You know you are completely dedicated (or addicted) to sport when a small bump like a burglary is only a minor interruption to you training schedule. Sorry about your car and all the stress, but I'm sure your training helped relieve some of that! ;-)

    Visiting here from Running with a Bottle of Wine. Love the blog and I will be back again!

    I'm also train for marathons and triathlons. Come visit me!