Monday, February 16, 2009

Bike Ninja!

Yowza!  This is the degree-age that greeted me when I started my car this morning, a smoldering 29.  I went out for a "hill" run...did the 5.8 loop at Percy Warner and then went to meet Coach for a 2 hour ride.  So, what do you do when it's that cold and you have to ride your bike...outside!?!
You have bike ninja!  The balaclava (not to be confused with the delicious phylo dough pastry, baclava) is a life saver in the cold biking wear.  It was actually something I had to climb Mt. Rainier last year and it has been worth it weight in gold...for both activities. 
Coach and I went for a nice "flat" ride (not a lot of "flat" in Nashville) and he said I could name this blog "Made Coach my Bitch"...I think he was just being nice since the last time we rode together he was pretty sure I was ready to find something tall to jump of off.  It was a great ride, I felt good and didn't absolutely die going up the hills.  Which was needed since my run earlier in the morning seemed to be more of a I came out of the weekend feeling like my progress is in a forward motion.  

Coach said that after my day (run, ride and lift) that I should eat some protein to help rebuild broken down muscle fiber...I'm pretty sure he said something along the lines of chicken, but I could've sworn I heard "chocolate" in there somewhere!


  1. Bike Ninja!! That is awesome!! I'll be one in the morning - with my 'pack' of ninjas (?) Do Ninjas bike in a pack? Heard? Hmm. :)

  2. Ouch! Now that's a cold ride. You are one tough triathlete!