Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

...come again another d--...never!  

My friends and I woke up early this morning to brave the 37 degree rainy (pouring) weather.  We ran the Race Judicata which was a 5K and a 10K with an option to run both.  I signed up for both (mainly because you got free arm warmers!) the 5K and 10K races to get a good 9.3 miles in.  There was some hesitation from everyone about whether or not we should run because of the weather, but we sucked it up and did the two races.  The 5K was first which made for a cold, wet, miserable 30+ minute break in between the two races.  We stood around shivering waiting for the 10K gun to go off.  The only thing that kept us motivated was the vision of Fido dancing through our heads....warm coffee and eggs!  The race wove through Percy Warner Park so there were some challenging hills which were a ton of fun with wet and heavy feet (note the heavy sarcasm).  So glad that is over! :) 

This picture does no justice to the actual weather that we was pouring rain!
The four Muskateers who braved the rain for a fun race!  Kevin, me, Patrick and Tammy.  Kevin, Patrick and Tammy are training for the Louisville IM in August.

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