Saturday, February 14, 2009

That Frost Bit

My friends and I ran the Cedars of Lebanon Frostbite Half Marathon today...and it frost-bit.  Not a stellar race by my standards.  I wasn't out for a PR and had planned on simply "running for the miles," but when you have to walk at mile 5 because you went out too fast, well, you're just not going to be in for a fun race experience.  My finish time was 1:56, so I'm fine with that, it was just the way I felt during the race and my inability to push through any pain that was frustrating...argh!  

I also love how people sit around after a race and try to justify their time...I had too much to drink last night, I lifted yesterday, I didn't eat right, my corns are achin', whatever...I wanted to do that so badly after this race!!!  I could give you a list of reasons why my legs didn't want to move in a forward motion, but I will refrain...I'm just chalkin' it up to a run for the miles, regardless of the number of times I stopped to stretch my back!...which by the way was hurting from swimming 3500 meters, riding for an hour and drinking 3 beers at my fundraiser while standing in 3 inch heels for 5 hours...but whatever, it was just a run! :)

Check out us good lookin' folk!  In the front Tempie, Bridget, Mardys and Sammi with Pete and me in the back....damn we're all so sexy!

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