Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rock On!

This past Thursday was my, gulp, 28th birthday...or as I like the say the 5th anniversary of my 23rd birthday!  Ah, I'm getting so old!  I wanted to do something different than the typical dinner and drinks (which we still did, can't keep me from eating, oh yeah, and I love beer) my friends and I got together to go indoor rock climbing.  It was crazy fun and an amazing workout...I can't lift my arms over my head right now.  I am also chalking it up to a "lifting" workout since every muscle in my body was shaking by the time we were finished.  It was a nice little Saturday, 13 mile run then two hour rock climbing session...then pass out!

Melissa belaying me on our first attempt after our crash course in climbing.
Looking like a professional (ok, I was on the easy routes, but I look tough!)
Melissa and me learning the ropes, no pun intended.
Kevin and me racing to the top...I totally beat him and he had a head start.  Ok, again I was on the easy course and he was on a really difficult one, but I still kicked his booty.
The whole crew...Katie, Melissa, Kevin, me, Michelle, Libby and Lisa.  Such a fun day!

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  1. Happy late birthday! I'm 28...and right there with you on feeling old! But awesome idea for a birthday celebration! Looks like a ton of fun!