Friday, February 20, 2009

Six Degrees of Separation

Oh my! So, I thought I was a total bas ass riding in the 43 degree weather on Monday, so much so that I thought I would take a little spin yesterday because what's 6 degrees gonna hurt? It's a sunny 37 degrees...let's take this outside! Holy poop! It was COLD!!!!! Six degrees hurts A LOT! My original plan was to do a 2 hour ride, about 20 minutes into it I couldn't feel my toes and I literally would scream out loud..."IT'S SO COLD!!!" Luckily no one was around to hear my ranting and raving...apparently it was too chilly for anyone else to be out and about, maybe I should have consulted one of them before making such an idiotic decision. I sucked it up for about an hour and fifteen and then called it quits. My feet were blocks of ice and I looked like I had a stick up my ass walking into Starbucks for a warm beverage to help thaw them out! (Imagine a cross between walking with your foot asleep and the terrier lady from "Best in Show" when she runs out in the show ring with her knee all jacked up). Lovely.

So, here's a little article on cold weather riding gear...maybe I should have read this PRIOR to going out..oh well, lesson learned! P.S. the article starts with some song it!,6610,s1-1-7-15311-1,00.html

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