Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wake Up Call #312

I had another wake up call today while biking with Coach...hills suck and I suck at them.  Don't get me wrong flying down them and screaming "weeeee" is awesome, but going up them and screaming "f*%&@" is not.  So, I looked at my coach today and said, "hmmmm, I just had wake up call #312...I suck at hills and I chose one of the hillier races in IM to do...I have my work cut out for me."  After a 10 mile run and 20 mile ride on Saturday, my Sunday hill ride was very disheartening...luckily there are plenty of hills in Nashville to get lots of practice on.  Coach looked at me and paraphrased another coach to motivate me..."Having the will to win is a bonus, having the will to prepare is mandatory."  I wanted to counter with a quote from Scrubs when JD attempts a triathlon before turning 30..."A wise man once said the human spirit can overcome any obstacle.  That man had obviously never run a triathlon!"  There are going to be a lot of hard training days, but preparation is key to a solid race...I will toe the line prepared!  

All in all it was a much needed and fun ride.  The weather has been amazing this weekend and I took full advantage of being able to get outside in shorts and a short sleeves...ahhh, nice!  

I also came across this youtube while perusing the internet's freakin' hilarious!  I may have to solicit the help of my friends in order to get a training swim in like this one...I doubt there will be any hesitations to say "yes!" 

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  1. The youtube video is hilarious. I enjoy reading your blog.