Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Hey, I Put My New Shoes On...

...and suddenly everything's right!" (again, a song for everything...thank you Paolo Nutini)

Yay, I finally went and got some new runnin' shoes yesterday.  I hadn't purchased a pair since before the Marine Corp Marathon at the beginning of October, yikes!  My tootsies were starting to feel the pain of the wear and tear of my old shoes.  I am taking these bad boys out for a little jaunt this friends and I are running the Frostbite Half Marathon!  The name's not fitting since it's 55 degrees, but whatever.  Hopefully they will make me super fast!

This was the last pair of the New Balances I have been getting for over three years now.  They upgrade every now and again and I lucked out and got the last pair of the old model, saving me lots of moolah!

Cash and I were comparing our shoes, his are built in...lucky!

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