Sunday, March 1, 2009

It is Ugly!!!!

Remember how Triswami (or Tiramisu as my mom mistakenly called him the other day) said "enjoy February, March gets ugly!!!!"...remember?  Yeah, well, he was right (shocking, I know, since he's the one writing the training plans!).  

I got my March training schedule and monthly hours are increasing by about 20.  February's hours were right around 50 and March's will be right around 70.  So, if you break it down you think, ok, 5 extra hours a week...well, not really, fourth week is still a rest week, so majority of those hours will be built into the more intense three week period.  Ok then, let's say 6 hours more a week...well, since I have 6 days to work out (mind the rest day!) that's an hour a day average.  

Oh boy, here we go!!  

I am actually really excited about this because this is when the test will really begin.  How do you juggle your week to fit in 20 hours of training?  How do you do this while still trying to maintain a career, social life (this will be the first to go), and trying to not galavant all around town in spandex all the time and still maintaining some level of "girl."  Now is the time I "just say no" to having "just a few beers" with friends and actually hunkering down to get needed rest before a long weekend of rides, runs and swims.  There are some 5+ hour rides and brick workouts creeping their way into my life and I am ready to push it and see what I'm made of!  This rest week has been nice, but it's been difficult not getting out and forcing myself to sit out when everyone else is getting together for long rides, runs, etc.  

Hang on, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!...

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