Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Principle of Inertia

An object in motion will stay in motion, so does that mean an object standing still will stay still until a force is applied? Well, I need that force! I had a rest week this week and I took full advantage. Last month I was super nervous about the rest week and squeezed in an extra run and short ride. This time around I probably went too far in the opposite direction. I took three full days off, no training whatsoever! I started feeling under the weather and decided it would be best to really use the rest week for what it is. I was still able to get all my prescribed workouts in, but really enjoyed my down time...even got a massage, lovely!

I was worried that I was getting used to the rest and 9 hours a night I was walking into the pool today I felt like I hadn't been there in months (it had only been 4 days). We had a great workout and I am now pumped to get back into it tomorrow!! Ashley said that my stroke had improved dramatically and that she could tell I am really getting in shape...yee haw, there's my force to push me into motion. Now the test will be to stay in motion for the next three hard weeks.

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