Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again...

...I'm back in the saddle again.

Ok, so apparently Saturday was the better day to ride after all...and we learned that the hard way.  The weather report for the weekend was sketchy all week, so we didn't know what to expect this weekend.  It was supposed to storm Saturday but be warm and be cold Sunday but no storms, so Patrick, Katie and I decided Sunday was our day.  Well, there was tornadic activity (I just love that word, tornadic, weird) on Saturday but it wasn't until much later and it was a gorgeous day to run, ride, etc.  Sunday, not so much...41ish degrees and WINDY!  We strapped on our big girl pants (and big boy) and went out for a nice 30 miler.  All feeling in our feet was lost by mile 6 and we battled a head wind for a good 15 miles of the ride, not what I call a happy ride!  It was nice to be out with other peeps, misery loves company...and I have been getting really bored riding solo lately.  

I start my April training plan this Monday.  A lot of the same volume, but more intensity this time...meaning more interval training, faster, faster, faster.  We also have a Sunday reserved for "Dave Scott" bricks...15 mile ride/5 mile run/15 mile ride/5 mile run/15 mile ride/5 mile run/20 minute interval ride...then done.  Yes, that's 45+miles riding and 15 miles running...we're looking at a nice 6 hour workout, whew!  These are actually a lot of fun to me...I guess I'm a glutton for punishment!  There is also the first century ride of our plan slotted for the second weekend of April...100 miles here I come.  My fanny hurts thinking about it! ;)

Patrick freezing in the cold getting ready for the ride...Patrick NEVER rides in the cold, don't know what got into him this weekend!

Katie and me gearing up...Katie just got her bike and was already riding 30 miles with us on her third ride...she was a trooper!

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  1. You were a stud for riding gross out there. The wind was NO freakin joke! Way to suck it up and get it done.