Thursday, March 5, 2009

Single, but in a Committed Relationship

My brother called me yesterday and we were chatting it up like always, you know the..."how's work", "what's going on with the girlfriend"...he follows with his questions "how's training," "how's the dog," "are you dating anyone." Ouch, that last question always stings a little...the status quo answer is always "no." Booo. Then I realized, yes, I am single (have been painstakingly so for a very, very, very long time) but that I am in a very committed relationship.

His name is Ironman, most call him IM for short. IM's not very tall, and pretty non-descript but IM leaves an indelible mark on anyone that commits to hIM (no, I'm not letting hIM leave "the mark" aka the M-dot tattoo). I spend a lot of time with hIM, pretty much daily. Often our relationship requires hanging out twice a day and we like long weekends together. I have been thinking about hIM constantly...before I go to bed at night and first thing in the morning when I wake up (it's hard not to think about hIM then since IM's the reason I have to get out of bed so GD early in the first place). IM makes me laugh and makes me cry. IM has introduced me to a whole new world of fun and interesting people. It's definitely a love/hate relationship...when it's good it's wonderful, when it's bad it's horrible. IM pushes me to limits and beyond that I didn't know I could reach or surpass and is constantly asking more of me. This is not a casual relationship by any means and I am going to have to give up casual dating until we go our separate ways. Our courtship will continue for the next few months until the "big day" immediate family and some good friends will be there and it will be a joyous occasion. There will be tears of joy and gleeful will be so nice to run into the sunset (and then into the cover of darkness) with hIM. We will sadly break up on June 22nd and I know that I will have a huge piece of my life missing, but I will surely find something (or maybe someone!) to help fill the void that IM will leave. Maybe I'll pick up (and dust off) my guitar again, or take the other art class I have on my list. (and of course I have the Dublin marathon and am climbing Mt. Rainier before 2009's end).

Then again, maybe IM and I will rekindle our relationship...

**disclaimer: I am really not psycho and don't actually believe I have a real "relationship" with the Ironman...this is all written to be taken lightly and with loads of silly undertones! ;) I mean, if I was going to talk about the love of my life you would be getting an earful about Cash!...hahahaha! ;)


  1. This is the most amazing post. Next time someone asks, I'm saying the same thing: I'm in a a committed relationship with IM.


  2. Love it! You will totally find stuff to do after the breakup but it'll be really weird for a while. You start calling less, fewer sleep overs, may even take his toothbrush back. It's OK. Oh, and there's no pressure to meet another one before years end. This is a BIG relationship in 2009.

  3. Are you in a relationship? IM.. -it could always be the answer..