Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tom King...and More, Much More!

Whoa! What happened?!? March happened.

The increase in training has definitely been challenging, but a ton of fun! I had a heck of a week last week, so first thing to go was my bloggy blog.

I started last week with a 10 mile hill run in the morning, a ride that night, a swim the next morning, a bike the next morning, a run/swim that night, a day off (whew) and then a swim/run and bike, then a half marathon and topped the week off with a 4.5 hour ride with 20 minute brick...followed by a 4.5 hour drive to Atlanta...whew! Come Monday I was done...made an unexpected trip to Atlanta for work and took the day off. My body was in desperate need of a day off, but sitting in the car for 9 hours within 24 hours isn't my idea of rest. This 20 hour a stuff week is for the birds! ;)

Anyway, my friends and I ran the Tom King half marathon last weekend and again it was POURING rain...why does is always have to rain on the weekend races??! I sucked it up and threw on some extra clothes and sloshed to the starting line. I told myself I was just going to run a comfortable race pace...being that I had worked out 4 hours the day before. To my giant surprise I ran a 1:53...only a minute slower than my PR of 1:52...needless to say I was very happy with it! I woke up early the next morning to go for a 65 mile ride and short brick run. Still felt like a complete idiot on my brick, but it was better than last time!

Motivation has been lacking today (see dog hike with my friend Pete and beer on the tail gate afterwards...sorry swim practice, it was sunny and 78 degrees and poor Cash has been hostage inside too long!), so I have a long weekend ahead of me to fit it all in. Starting with a 10 mile run/2 hour ride Thursday, a swim Friday morning and a 5 hour ride/brick...then Saturday will be a 16 mile run and swim, Sunday will follow with a 6 mile hill run and 2 hour bike...good times!!!

Thank God next week is rest week!!!

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  1. Milk the recovery week - you need it! Swim set was a super fast barf set tonite too. Good one to skip.