Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baseball Helmets?

Okay, so I have run three organized races in the last month and there has been a mysterious runner at every one. He's been easy to spot because he runs with a baseball batting helmet on...what?! Who is this guy and why does he wear a helmet running?

When we ran the Cedars Frostbite Half Marathon we had our first sighting. Pete said to me after the race "did you see the guy with the helmet?...he was so fast and kicked my a$$" the running joke is that he got beat by some dude in a helmet. Now after every race I have to call Pete to give him a race a helmet sighting report (Pete is currently not my running friend since he has a stress fracture in his foot, so I have to report on Helmet Head and the fact that he always is flying past me within the first half mile).

I laughed out loud as I ran past a couple running this past Saturday and overheard her saying "did you see the guy in the helmet?" to her boyfriend...hahaha! Yes, yes, I did...

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