Friday, March 20, 2009

80 Miles to Nowhere

I don't know what to say...80 miles sucked.  It wasn't all bad.  I got up this morning, went to swim practice had a great swim, went to Cracker Barrel with some swim mates and had oatmeal/eggs/coffee and well, coffee and then loaded up the bike and went out for my 5 hour ride.  I felt awesome (see coffee) and was really killing it the first 40 miles...averaged 2 mph faster than normal, I was pumped!  I turn around at my determined halfway point and head a horse running for the barn, I was not.  I quickly realized there was tailwind helping me the first 40 and I was going to have to fight it the whole way home.  I wanted to cry.  

My mild case of tourettes really shines while I'm on my bike, especially alone.  Not only do I yell things like "SQUIRREL" and "TURKEY" but I love throwing in words like "COLD" and many, many expletives that would make even a sailor blush.  

I get off the Trace around mile 64...okay, only 16 more, less than an hour if I can hold a decent pace with these beat legs.  I stop at the gas station to reload on gatorade and man, oh, man was I ever saddened when I realized it was officially lunch hour and their was a BBQ restaurant attached to the gas station.  I have NEVER smelled such deliciousness in all my life!  I really did think tears were going to well up in my eyes.  Those rednecks chowing down on 'Q had nothing on me...have they ever tried a Clif Shot Block?  Ha, ha, delish!  Wahhh!!!

Who wouldn't want to eat this spread after exercising for 6.5 hours!?

All in all a great training head cannot wait to hit the pillow tonight and rest up for my 16 mile run tomorrow!  When is it going to be Monday? ;) 

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  1. GURRRRL, I'm totally with you - I'd always hit those dayum places that were serving BBQ or cheeseburgers when all I should have was another effen gel.