Monday, March 9, 2009

Thank You Mr. President!

And I mean George W. not Obama. This past weekend was daylight saving time and I am SO excited about it! Yay for long rides after work and not having to hop on my trainer to avoid getting smacked by a car (not a huge "night rider"). Put a check box in the "positive" column for ol' Georgie boy...he increased daylight saving time by 4 weeks back in 2005 and I am loving it right now. I got up this morning to do my 9 mile run (still under the cover of darkness...hate running in the light where cars can see my buttocks shaking in spandex) and will be able to ride outside with Coach tonight in the sunlight!! Now, if only he could have put this into effect without having to actually lose an hour of prescious sleep...hmmmm....

Gee Dub working hard on the DST initiative...forget about the war and the economy, I'm doing this for Tilghman!


  1. Yep, it's great for evening bike rides and baseball practice too!! You're doing great with your training!!

  2. Hail the Chief!

    BTW, what Ironman are you training for?