Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Would Walk 500 Miles...

...and I would walk 500 more..."

So, my trusty steed hit 100,000 miles on Tuesday!  Whoa, that's a lot of driving in only three years!  I started to wonder how many miles I have on my body?  I didn't really start running until high school and even then it was like "holy cow, I just ran 3 miles, I'm a rock star!"  Now, 8 marathons, multiple half marathons and a handful of triathlons later I can only wonder how many miles I have logged with my two legs.  I plan on attempting to calculate come the end of IM training...only IM miles though, I will go crazy trying to think about my almost 14 years of being a runner...ok, maybe a jogger for a while (maybe it's yogging, it might be a soft "j"...apparently you just, run!)

I just hope I can be one of those super old women out there running marathons (I know my family is reading this and saying "I hope not!")...don't you just love seeing those people?  The oldies in their 80's, plodding along (ok, ok, I have been passed by many!) enjoying running for what it is, and not worrying about hitting a PR, certain mile split, etc.  The best memory I have of running, is back in 2004 when I was running the Vancouver, BC marathon.  My mom and dad came with me and this was the first race both of them had watched.  My dad was somewhat shocked by all the different type of people that are out there that are marathoners.  He figured everyone would be fit, young, lean, etc. but as many of you know there are all types out there.  He expressed this observation after I crossed the finish line (while rubbing my feet...thanks guys!) he said, "I mean Tilghman, did you see that 80 year old man pass you?!"  Thanks dad.  Yes, I did, and I also saw the woman three times my size smoke me too...awesome.  

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